Nenichina Prema || Telugu Short Film 2018 || Directed by Eyan Jatin42:16

Published on January 22, 2018

Nenichina Prema is a love story between two individuals where both of them, by the end of the movie conclude their relationship is going in a different way approach and have their own individual ways while parting their own ways. The film is worth watching if you have at least gone through the pain and suffering from your beloved ones while you are in a relationship at least once in your life.

The lead actors in the short film acted so well to create emotion in the film in enunciating the dialogues so well.

Cast : Mahesh Pavan, Chukaria Jyotsna, Keerthi Chandra, Mahesh Boya and Eyan Jatin

Crew : DOP and Cinematography – Ashish Daniel Music – Jenny Composers – Ender Guney, Tom Day, Ivan Dominik Lyrics – Rajeev Sundara, Ajith and Eyan Jatin

Producer – E. Surekha

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction – Eyan Jatin

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